Audio Service - The microConnect Set


Alongside its attractive design and practical size, the microConnect Set features many impressive additional functions. As well as enabling connection to many other audio devices, it also offers a telephone inductor and an audio input for using FM systems. The microConnect Set can also be used with several transmitters simultaneously.

Bluethooth Technologie

Many of the TL 8, 12 and 16 products from Audio Service feature wireless functionality, and can thus be used with the new microConnect Set. Whether mobile phone, radio, TV or sat nav: Audio data are transmitted directly to the hearing systems. And Bluetooth technology means stereo quality with absolutely no wires.


1. Bluetooth remote control

This multi-functional remote control system is a control unit, transmitter, receiver and microphone rolled into one.

2. Mobile-Station

Acts as a Bluetooth adapter between the audio source you wish to connect to and the remote control.

3. Telephone coil

microConnect’s telephone coil allows your customers to use audio induction loops.

4. Phone calls

Make interference-free phone calls with excellent speech quality. The hearing system becomes a convenient headset.

5. Listening to music

Outstanding stereo quality, without background noise and without disturbing others. The hearing system becomes a wireless headset.

6. Watching television

News, entertainment programs or feature films in stereo quality – High-speed data transmission ensures harmony between images and sound (“lip-sync”).

7. Audio input

microConnect’s audio input allows for the use of devices such as FM systems.