Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Many people have difficult time believing or     accepting a hearing loss. Part of the reason is that hearing loss often occurs gradually, and it’s not   always easy to notice at first. Often, people discover their hearing loss from the reactions of others — they simply haven’t noticed the development until friends or family brings it to their attention. If you know someone who might be suffering from hearing loss, you may notice that they watch TV with the volume turned up to a level beyond normal. Or they may often say, for example, that young people mumble”. You may also notice such symptoms as:

· Difficulty following conversations.

· Trouble understanding someone speaking from another room.

· Answering questions incorrectly or responding inappropriately.

· Indistinct or slurred speech.

· Fatigue.

· Loss of attention during conversations.

· Complains of ringing in the ears.

· Being annoyed by loud sounds.

· Often saying “What?”.

· Becoming withdrawn.

· Talking in loud voice.

· Obvious difficulties communicating in a small group of people.

· Difficulties when listening in church, meetings, lectures, the theatre, cinema and similar places.

· Problems communicating on the telephone.

· Communication difficulties in noisy environments, for example in traffic or at a party.


If you notice a friend or loved one exhibiting symptoms such as these, then help them contact us for professional complete hearing evaluation.