Technical Capabilities

Clinical Diagnosis Equipment

AMEARCO's hearing care centers are equipped with any or all of the following makes and models of audiological test instrument hardware and software:

  • siemens SD100 Unity PC Audiometer, equipped with Probe Mic and Hearing Instrument Analyzer
  • Siemens SD25 Diagnostic Audiometer
  • Hortmann/Danplex TP10 HandTYMP
  • Hortmann/Danplex BERA setup
  • Otodynamics ILO288 Transient Evoked OtoAcousitc Emission (TEOAE) machine
  • Frye FP40 Hearing Instrument Analyzer
  • Danplex DeskRem 1200 Distortion Product OtoAcoustic Emission (DPOAE) machine with built-in Hearing Instrument Analyzer
  • Madsen HiPro Hearing Instrument Programmer
  • Connexx 3.0 Siemens hearing aid programming interface
  • NOAH 2.0 audiometry management software
  • Hearing Instrument Laboratory

AMEARCO operates its very own hearing instrument laboratory. It is staffed by competent technicians who have backgrounds in electronics and/or computer technology, and is supervised by engineers. The services that it delivers are:

  1. Ear mould / ear plug fabrication
  2. Custom-made instrument shell fabrication
  3. Conventional hearing instrument repair and maintenance
  4. Audiological equipment

The assembly of custom-made hearing instruments (custom shells and faceplates) is currently being handled by the Singapore-based Siemens ITE laboratory.